This publication presents the schools of the Ballina Inspectorate at this time - Education Week, 1959 - and their origins.


Codrington Public School nestles in a picturesque setting on the south bank of the Casino arm of the Richmond River five mile from Coraki. The school was built in the 1880s when the cedar industry was thriving. Today the school serves mainly a dairying district, with beef cattle, mainly Hereford, being a strong sideline. Crops such as millet, potatoes and maize are also grown.

Families who have attended the school in past years include such well known district names as Antonelli, Bugden, Bryant, Baker, Cannane, Cronan, Crook, Frame, Livingstone, Goswell, Patch, Wallace and Walsh.

Past teachers at this school were J Jones, Spaulding, W M Miller, J K Larner, S Stewart, Charlton, S Smith, M O'Keefe, P Agst, J H Veness, K H McAlpin and H Cooper, while the present teacher is H D Blanch.

The enrolment for many years was always in the vicinity of thirty, but in the year 1933 numbers were so low that the school became subsidized and was under the charge of Mr Athol Livingstone. However in 1936 numbers again increased and the school once more operated as a public school under the charge of J H Veness.


The first school at Codrington was built on the river bank, a little to the left of the present building. This was a very rough slab structure. In 1912 a new building was constructed just inside the entrance gate to the playground. This position was low-lying and in wet weather the ground became very boggy and conditions became most unpleasant at times. So, in 1927, the building was moved back to higher ground on the river bank and that is the building which is in use at the present time.

Although the enrolment for the past twenty years has always been above twenty-five, enrolment this year has dropped suddenly to eleven. The main reason for this is the fact that as the children of the district complete their secondary education they tend to seek employment in other industries while their parents still work the dairy farms. However, there are several families with young children of pre-school age who will keep the school going for some time.

Children from this school, on completing the primary course, pass on to either Casino or Lismore High Schools, depending on which side of the river they reside. Some of our pupils come to school by crossing the river in rowing boats,

Pupils enrolled at present are Carolyn Wallace, Theo Bosker, Yvonne Bryant, Hugh Livingstone, Barbara Bryant, Carmel Wallace, John Crook, Heather Bryant, Ian Bryant (twins), Keneth Livingstone and Barry Stone.


We are especially proud of the children of Mr and Mrs Frank Cannane and Mr and Mrs Harold Crook. The five members of the Cannane family attended this school and four of them gained State Bursaries, Tom (1949), Mary (1950), Margaret (1954), Theresa (1955).

The members of the Crook family have proved outstanding citizens in their support of, and their success in the Junior Farmer movement. From 1955-58, Val and Kaye won four state championships in their cooking projects. This year they were equal third. Also, their sisters Janice and June, who are twins, have been placed second and third in the State on several occasions in the junior section, while their brother Ken was third in the State in his vegetable project in 1958. In addition they have all had many successes in district shows. Another sister Shirley, won the district girls' high jump in 1949 with a leap of 4ft. 7in. and then competed in Sydney, where she came third in the State final with a leap of 4ft 4in.

We have an active and financial P. and C. Association. The school is well equipped with fluorescent lighting, electric wireless, good library and many teaching aids. Our latest expenditure was for an electric "Vumax" 500 projector.

Each year Empire Day is celebrated with a concert followed by an afternoon of sports, games and competitions. For "end-of-year" activities we are fortunate to have the use of a large barn near the school in which we have a concert, Christmas Tree, games and dances for the children. Unfortunately Codrington has no public hall.

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