This publication presents the schools of the Ballina Inspectorate at this time  Education Week, 1959  and their origins.


Rosebank is a small dairying community situated north-east of Lismore, fourteen miles, with a static population of 400. Other products are bananas, pineapples, and small crops. The settlement boasts a butcher, grocer, bread daily from Clunes, three miles distant. It has the facilities of electricity, Rocky Creek water, a bitumen road to Lismore and a daily mail service. Some of the people are migratory in habit, as tenant farming exists. Grazing of beef cattle, Herefords, has taken over from some dairy farms.

The dairy product cream, goes by road to the Norco Co-op. Pty. Ltd., Lismore, whilst bananas, pineapples and small crops reach the Sydney market. Two case mills are in regular operation.

The school is one and a quarter miles from the small township on the Lismore side and is an attractive setting, freshly painted, with hibiscus and poinsettia predominating in the school grounds. A through road from Lismore to Mullumbimby passes the school.


The following is a list of teachers from the inception of the school to the present day:

1891 Emily Cooke 1924 Bruce Duncan 1892 Jacob Mortimer 1926 Hugh Neal 1895 Francis Griffin 1928 John Buckley 1897 Emily Neyle 1939 Arthur Cains 1907 Percy Peard 1943 John O'Neill 1911 Percy Gilbert 1948 Reginald Cartaar 1912 Edward Mallett 1951 Samuel Ellyard 1917 Dorothy Kneipp 1954 Fred Thompson 1918 William Haug 1959 Desmond Farrell

The organising committee for the erection of a school building in 1891 was James Armstrong, Geo. Hindmarsh, John Staggs, Wally Rushforth and John Emerson. Their efforts resulted in a school building being erected, on Lot 116, purchased from John Staggs, and functioning under Emily Cooke in 1891. It was a 2Oft. by 12ft. building and opened with thirteen children. Builder was Thomas Loft. At the end of the century a weather shed was added on the western end, carpenters being Foster and Jackson. Just after the century the building was enlarged by Alex Duncan and Les Gaggin.

HEYDAY IN 1900's

The enrolment reached its peak in the years 1900-1907, when at one stage it reached 60. This was in the days of Emily Neyle. At the close of World War II, an assistant teacher was appointed, the school having two teachers until 1957.

Petitions from local people started in 1947 for a new school building, which was constructed of two rooms in 1950, the official opening taking place on the 9th March, 1951. The contractor was Harry Cave. In 1952, a weather shed was suggested, and with departmental timber and voluntary labour, the P. and C., was completed in 1954.

Some notable Inspectors in the school's early history were Peter Board, William Cornish and W. T. McCoy.

Two fig trees of different varieties were planted in an old bean stump by James Armstrong and Bob King on the southern side of the school in 1892. They now make one rather majestic tree.

The school grounds, a block of two acres, was resumed from John Staggs, Lot. No. 116, in the Terania Shire, Parish of Clunes, in a central area of the then Rosebank district population. In the year 1908, the teacher, Percy Peard, the first married teacher appointed, secured a small allotment adjoining the school ground, again from John Staggs at 15 an acre, and erected a residence for himself thereon. This building, after departmental extensions, is now the vested residence, being bought by the Education Department from the teacher.

A Parents and Citizens' Association has been very active since the school's inception and many articles around and in the school show their efforts. These are a cricket pitch, a concrete block for exercise, concrete footpaths around the building and to the roadway, much sporting equipment, a radiogram, strip film projector and duplicator. Now they are active on fitting the school with a modern library. Children after completion of sixth class are transported daily to Lismore by bus for secondary education at the Richmond River High School.

Today the present school enrolment is 31 from 17 families.

The P. and C. officers are: President, Mr. P. Northam; secretary, Mr. T. R. Exton; treasurer, Mr' J. Tickle. Of these, Mr. P. Northam is the only parent. Regular monthly meetings are held at 8 p.m. on the first Monday of each month.

North Coast School Histories

North Coast School Histories: as transcribed by Kathy Pearson and posted to NorCo List. STATUS QUO MCMLIX This publication presents the schools of the Ballina Inspectorate at this time - Education Week, 1959 - and their origins.