From Riches to Rags

Samuel BRADNEY (jr) was born in London, England. 

Samuel married to a woman called Elizabeth SHIELS. They were married in 1856 in Penrith, NSW, Australia. She came from a well-to-do family and was left a significant sum of money. It is believed that Samuel literally took the money and ran. 

A letter exists from one of Samuel's brothers pleading with him to return home with the money. 

More than likely he spent the money gambling and drinking and eventually fell on hard times. He took to 'Kelly Country' and worked as a farm hand until he died in 1911, aged 81 years. His death is registered in Beechworth, as he worked in the 'Ovens and Murray' area. 

At Beechworth Museum his burial is listed under 'Samuel BRADLEY' an easy mistake to make for an old man who had been working on a property. Of course, the employers were not about to pay for a tombstone/funeral for a man they only knew as a worker and his grave is currently unmarked. (see photo) 

Church of England - Section C - 363 

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